Strategic Plan

Goal 1 - Communications Plan Have a multifaceted communication plan that effectively engages parents and community stakeholders to promote the quality education programs provided by the district.
Goal 2 - Facilities & Finance Plan Develop and implement multiyear facilities and financial plan that supports the district’s strategic plan.
Goal 3 - World's Best Workforce Achieve the goals of the World’s Best Workforce for all students.
Goal 4 - Academic Achievement Increase the academic achievement of all students through effective instruction, a challenging and engaging curriculum and aligned assessments.
Goal 5 - Interventions & Supports Identify barriers to learning and provide intervention and support.
Goal 6 - Technology Maximize the use of technology to enhance the work of staff and increase the academic achievement of students.
Goal 7 - Post Secondary Options Marshall Public Schools will provide a plan to increase opportunities for all learners that will enable them to explore a variety of post secondary education and career options.
Goal 8 - 21st Century Skills Students will develop the 21st century skills needed for success.
Goal 9 - Attract & Retain Diverse and Qualified Teaching Staff Develop and implement practices to attract and retain a diverse and qualified teaching staff.
Goal 10 - Identify, Recruit, Develop, and Retain Excellent Staff Identify, recruit, develop, and retain excellent staff.