TYPE: School Board Regular - 2nd Meeting of Month
DATE: 8/19/2019 TIME: 5:30 PM
LOCATION: District Office Professional Development Room
Marshall Public Schools
1.0 Call to Order
1.1 Chairman Calls Meeting to Order Info
2.0 Pledge of Allegiance
2.1 Pledge of Allegiance Info
3.0 Reading of MPS Mission Statement
3.1 Reading of MPS Mission Statement Info
4.0 Approval of Agenda
4.1 Approval of Meeting Agenda for Monday, August 19, 2019 Action
5.0 Public Forum
5.1 Public Forum allows for comments on agenda or non-agenda items from the public. Board policy allows for setting of a 3-minute time limit for speakers. If groups are present, the Board would appreciate only 1 spokesperson for the group. Info
6.0 Consent Agenda Action
6.1 Approval of Consent Agenda Action
6.2 Approval of Board Minutes Action
6.3 Third and Final Review of Policies 101-104 & 203.2 Action
6.4 Appointment of Title LEA Action
6.5 Approval to Extend Free/Reduced Meal Application Deadline Action
6.6 Approval of Agreement with United Community Action Partnership Head Start Action
6.7 Approval of Field Trip Request - Marching Band Action
6.8 Personnel Action
6.9 Grants and/or Donations Action
7.0 Removal of Items from Consent Agenda
8.0 Financials
8.1 Approval of Bills for August 2019 Info/Action
8.2 July 2019 Treasurer's Report Info
9.0 Board Forum/Information
9.1 Board Reports & Updates Info
9.2 School Board Calendar Review Info
10.0 Administrator's Report
10.1 Superintendent's Board Report - August 2019 Info
10.2 West Side Board Report - August 19, 2019 Info
10.3 High School Monthly Report Info
10.4 MATEC Board Report - August 19, 2019 Info
10.5 Activities Department Report Info
10.6 Director of Business Services Board Report Info
11.0 Discussion Items
11.1 First Review of Policies 514-517 Info
12.0 Board Action
12.1 Authorization to Increase the Nursing Hours at West Side Action
12.2 Nomination to MSBA's Delegate Assembly Action
12.3 Approval to Add Work Session on Monday, September 16, 2019 Action
13.0 Adjournment
13.1 Chairman Adjourns the Meeting Info
Marshall Public Schools